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I want to Place a Bet during my Stream. How can I do it?


To place a bet during your stream in GameBeef, you will have to access the Betting Dashboard on the platform and follow the instructions provided. Further details will be released shortly.

A bet against a Streamer is a community bet where people participate by voting "yes" or "no" for whether they make the challenge during the match.

Streamer Bets

Here's how it will be done:

  1. ​Define the challenge: First, you must establish a challenge you are willing to meet during your stream. It can be something fun, challenging, or interesting that grabs your audience's attention.
  2. Announce the bet: During your stream, announce the streamer bet and explain the challenge to your audience. Indicates that people can participate by voting "yes" or "no" on whether they think you will meet the challenge.
  3. Collect the bets: Ask your audience to vote for their choice, either "yes" or "no." You can use chat commands, online surveys or any other interactive tool to collect and record bets.
  4. Meet the challenge: Once you've collected enough votes and the winning side has been determined (either "yes" or "no"), it's time to meet the challenge during your live stream. Make sure you do it entertainingly and visibly for your audience.
  5. Share the Pot (Money): If you meet the challenge, the bets of the side that voted "yes" will be considered winners, and the side that voted "no" will lose their bets. If you don't meet the challenge, the side that voted "no" will take the winnings.

Feel free to read this guide on How to Place Bets on Streamers.

It is important to establish clear rules before the Streamer Bet and ensure that all participants understand the conditions and terms of the bet.

Also, it's good practice to keep communication open with your audience and announce the bet results once the challenge has been solved.

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