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How can I change my Display Name, Profile Image or Personal Details?


Personal information is very important to further verify your ID.

Follow these steps to change your personal details:

  • Log into your account and in your Profile’s main menu, select “Settings”.
  • Select the “My Profile” tab in Account Settings,
  • In this section, you can edit any field (except for email address), as explained below:
  • Display Name: this is the name displayed on your user’s dashboard when you log in to your account.
  • Profile Image: click on the button to upload an image from your device.
  • Live Streaming channel link: type down the link to your stream channel.
  • Legal Name: this is your legal name; it should contain first and last names.
  • DOB: this is your date of birth.
  • ZIP code and Country: this is the ZIP/postal code about the area you live in, which will depend on the country you currently reside. This information is available on the Internet.

Click on “Save” to confirm the changes.

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