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How Can I Place Bets on Video Games?

To create bets or place wagers on GameBeef, follow these steps:

  • Login your GameBeef account and go to your Betting Dashboard.
  • Pick the videogame you wish to place bets on.
  • Select the type of Bet you wish to place.
  • Depending on the previous choice, follow the instructions required and complete the fields such as bet amount and challenge type.
  • Confirm the bet details and submit it.
  • Once created, your bet will be visible on your Betting Dashboard.
  • You have 48 hours to complete any Challenge. If you don't play your match within 48 hours, your Bet will be marked as Loss.
  • If you are betting against other players, they can choose to accept your Challenge and confirm the bet.

If you need more information regarding Bets and Challenge types, follow these Guides:

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