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What Game Modes are available for each Video Game?

Here's a list of each game and the available game modes in GameBeef. Keep in mind that if a specific game mode is not in this list, then you won't be rewarded with money after playing it.

Dota 2 - only Ranked matches allowed

  • Ranked All Pick
  • Ranked Captain's Mode

PUBG - both Normal and Competitive matches allowed

  • Solo FPP and TPP
  • Duo FPP and TPP
  • Squad FPP and TPP


  • Bullet
  • Blitz
  • Rapid
  • Daily

Age of Empires II

  • Random Map 1v1 and in Teams
  • Empire Wars 1v1 and in Teams

Age of Empires IV

  • Ranked Match 1v1 and in Teams
  • Quick Match 1v1 and in Teams

StarCraft II - only Ranked matches allowed

  • 1v1 and in Teams

Team Fortress 2 - both Casual and Competitive matches allowed

  • Arena
  • Payload and Payload Race
  • Control Point
  • Capture the Flag
  • King of the Hill

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