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How do I Enter or Join a Leaderboard Competition?


Each Leaderboard Competition has its own entry price. In addition, the rewards for each leaderboard competition will vary. To join the leaderboards, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Profile Image updated.
  • Gamertag must be synced and verified.
  • Account's email must be verified.
  • Sufficient funds in your in-game wallet to pay the entry fee.
  • For Dota 2, your rank tier must be higher than Guardian 5.

In order to join the Leaderboards for any game, look for the "Join Competition" green button located at the bottom of your Play-to-earn dashboard.

Join a Leaderboard

Alternatively, you can join the Leaderboards using the side navigation menu, by clicking the "Competitions" option and then clicking on your game of preference. 

Join a Leaderboard

Click on the "Join" red button. A popup will show up allowing you to pay the entry fee. If you have sufficient funds, you will be able to pay the entry fee after clicking the "Confirm and Join" red button. Please make sure you read the Rules before participating in the Leaderboards, as there will be no refunds.

Join a Leaderboard

Congratulations! You are now participating in the Leaderboards.

Please view the list below to see the active Leaderboard Competitions:

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