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GameBeef Team Fortress 2

After you have downloaded TF2, you’re all set up for the game. You must sync your Gamertag, we have instructions on how to do so here: How to Sync and Verify with your Steam ID.

You can now simply play Team Fortress 2 and we will automatically retrieve your statistics and reward you based on your performance.

Explaining Play-to-Earn and Rewards per Classes

How can you make money playing TF2? How can you earn money playing TF2? Does a play to earn mode exist for TF2?

GameBeef Team Fortress 2
  1. ​You need to have a Steam account and their latest client installed in your computer in order to play this game. If you haven’t done so yet, create your account and download the client from the official website.
  2. You need to sign up in GameBeef, sync and verify your gamertag. Your gamertag is your Steam ID. Once verified, play either casual or competitive matches in any of these game modes: Payload, Control Point, Arena and Capture The Flag. Both official and competitive gameplay will be eligible for rewards.
    • ​Each game mode will yield different rewards based on its difficulty.
    • Custom or event matches will not be counted.
    • Matches with too many bots or AI will not be counted.
  3. Wins will be rewarded with more $$ than losses, this is because we want players to compete against each other in terms of their win rates, rewarding the best professional players over casual players or players who have lower win rates.
  4. ​Here are the play-to-earn rewards:
    • Normal matches (match type: Casual) when the match is WON (victory) or LOST (defeat).
    • Ranked matches (match type: Competitive) when the match is WON (victory) meaning you must win all rounds.
All Classes
U$D Prizes

Make Money Betting and Placing Wagers on TF2

How can you make money betting on TF2? Can you place bets on TF2 games? Where can I find a TF2 bettings website?

GameBeef Team Fortress 2
  1. You need to sign up in GameBeef, sync and verify your gamertag. Your gamertag is your Steam ID. Once your gamertag is verified, you can access a list of challenges tailored for every game mode and rank tier. The higher your rank is, the more you earn.
  2. Pick any Challenge you desire and place a wager. After it’s selected and confirmed, you can start looking for a new match in TF2
    • You can choose any Challenge that suits your preferences, but keep in mind that some will have longer cooldowns than others, meaning you can only repeat them once in a while
  3. Challenges you can pick and place:
    • Win the match in any game mode, meaning you and your team must win all rounds.
    • Win several matches in a row, this means that you must win a certain number # of matches in a row to complete the challenge.
    • Win and score a certain amount of kills and assists.
  4. ​After you played the match, you can go back and click on “show results” button located in your dashboard. Our platform will fetch your recent match results and calculate the outcome for you. If you completed the Challenge, then you will win the bet and will be rewarded with whatever $$ currency you chose prior to the match.

Keep in mind that every Challenge has its own difficulty and multiplier reward values. You can always check your earnings in your dashboard.

Get Money by Joining TF2 Tournaments and Competitions

How can you make money participating in TF2 tournaments? Where can I find or play TF2 tournaments? Can I make money playing in TF2 tournaments?

GameBeef Team Fortress 2
  1. You need to sign up in GameBeef, sync and verify your gamertag. Your gamertag is your Steam ID. Once your gamertag is verified, you can access a list of tournaments tailored for every rank tier. The higher your rank is, the bigger the prize pots are.
  2. Join GameBeef’s tournaments by checking on your selected game’s dashboard. You will see an option to join the tournaments by paying an entrance fee. This fee will then be added along with the other participants’ paid fees and you will be competing for a prize pot amongst the top # players!
  3. After you joined the tourney, stack enough wins and kills through your matches in order to secure the top # positions. You will have a predefined period of time to climb the ladder, so use your time wisely!
  4. If you reached the top # positions by the end of the tourney, you will be rewarded with $$ accordingly. Enjoy!

At GameBeef, we believe in rewarding our players for their skills and hard work. That's why we offer a Play-to-Earn system, where you can earn real money by playing and winning games. Here's how it works:

In TF2, you can earn money for winning matches, getting kills and completing objectives, such as capturing flags, controlling points and delivering payloads. The amount you earn depends on the game mode you chose. 

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