How To Withdraw Money


Follow these steps to withdraw Crypto from your in-game wallet (GameBeef account) into your global wallet.

Requirements & Warnings

Requirements to withdraw cryptocurrencies

  • Your email address must be verified.
  • Phantom wallet extension installed on your browser or mobile application in your cellphone. For more information, check this Guide.
  • Keep in mind that if your withdrawal exceeds the amount of 5 USD, your withdrawal request will need to be approved first. Wait a few moments until you receive the email notification.

Requirements for Solana (SOL) blockchain operations

  • You must possess a minimum amount of Solana cryptocurrency (SOL) to pay the transaction fees. The fee value will depend on the amount of crypto you're withdrawing.


  1. Do not trust DMs from anyone offering to help/support you with your funds (Scammers)!
  2. Never give out your Seed Phrase and DO NOT ENTER it on ANY websites sent to you.
  3. Community Managers will NEVER DM you first regarding your funds/wallet.
  4. Always check links in your address/URL bar for **Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)**.
  5. 2FA is optional. Your account doesn't need to have 2FA activated to withdraw but it will give your account an additional layer of security when you add a valid phone number. For more information, check this FAQ.

Making a Withdrawal

Follow these steps to withdraw Crypto from your in-game wallet (GameBeef account) into your global wallet.

  1. Login to your account and look for the Wallet icon in the top menu, click on it to see your Wallet balance in the pop-up window. Remember that your account balance will be displayed in USD by default, click on the opposite arrows icon to see your actualy crypto balance.
    Swap Crypto
  2. Click on "Connect Your Wallet" to connect your Phantom wallet.
    Swap Crypto
  3. Once connected, click on the Wallet icon again and click on "Transfer".
    Swap Crypto
  4. You will see a new window pop-up with the Transfer operations. Select the "Withdraw Crypto" option. Select a cryptocurrency and type the amount that you wish to withdraw in the corresponding field.
    Alternatively, you can click on the "Max" button to automatically select your entire balance and withdraw all the funds you currently possess.
    Swap Crypto
  5. Click "Continue" to begin the withdrawal process.
  6. If you're sure of your decision, confirm by clicking "Yes". Wait a few moments until the process is finished.
    Swap Crypto
  7. After the Transfer is processed and completed, you should see the following validation message and this window will automatically close.
    Swap Crypto
  8. You can check your Phantom (global) wallet's balance now, you should see the amount of cryptocurrency you just withdrew.
    Swap Crypto
  • Keep in mind that you can check your Transactions anytime you wish.
  • Any withdrawal request over $5 USD can take up to 48 business hours to be processed.

If you have doubts on how to properly swap and trade SOL, USDT, USDC or any other cryptocurrency, please follow the steps mentioned in the other Guides.

PayPal Withdrawals

You can withdraw money through PayPal, with no minimum withdrawal limit. Please remember that you will need to wait for the request to be approved before receiving the payment. This process may take some time.

Swap Crypto

Click on the Wallet icon, select the "Withdraw PayPal" option.

Swap Crypto

In this window, type the amount of crypto you wish to withdraw. Alternatively, you can click the "Max" button to withdraw all your funds. 

We will be using the actual Exchange Rates for Cryptocurrencies.

Lastly, you will need to type your PayPal email ID or account email in the bottom right field. Double check your input and click on "Continue" next.

Swap Crypto
Click on "Yes" to confirm.
Swap Crypto
You should receive a validation message in the top right corner of your browser confirming the process is finished.
Swap Crypto
Please note that this process may take up to 3 business days.
Swap Crypto

Once the payment is processed, you will receive a website notification and/or an email sent to your inbox. You can check your PayPal account balance then.

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