Sync & Verify Your AoE II Account


This tutorial will help you find and synchronize your Gamertag (Steam ID or Name) for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition on GameBeef.

Finding your Steam ID

​First, you need to find your Steam ID or profile name, this can be done by opening the Age of Empires II client and looking at the top right section, here:

Sync AoE II Account

This is your Gamertag! Copy and paste your Steam ID or Name and go to your Dashboard or your Account Settings. Click on the "Add game" button located on the top menu.

Type your Gamertag in the popup, then select the game Age of Empires II, and click the "Search" button. 

Once found, select and confirm your Gamertag and click "Add New".

Sync AoE II Account

Your Gamertag should now be synchronized!

Verifying your Gamertag

Some games that we support currently do not offer oAuth to automatically verify you. What’s oAuth?

To withdraw your funds, join the Leaderboards or create Challenges in our Betting System, GameBeef needs to verify that you are the owner of the account.

In order to verify it’s really you, send a friend request in Steam to “GameBeef” or using friend code “1280626825”. After your request is accepted, you must start a chat in Steam and type your Steam ID and the username or email that you used to register in GameBeef.

You will receive a confirmation message once your account is fully verified.

Search User

Earn More $$ Playing AOE 2

Boosts and Hardcore Mode

Furthermore, activating boosts and/or hardcore mode before playing a match will let you get even more SOL than you normally do.

  • Boosts are temporary crypto bonuses. It’s a fixed value that will last as long as you stay joined on our Discord server and they’re restricted to one account per player. To activate them, just click on the "Boost Earnings" button and follow the steps to join our Discord server.
Sync GameBeef Games
  • Hardcore Mode is a subscription service. Once activated, you will receive a 7x reward bonus in Play To Earn after every match you play!
Sync GameBeef Games

(top ranks)



Let's calculate the rewards for winning 10 games in each mode (Ranked Match 1v1, Ranked Match in Teams, Quick Match 1v1, and Quick Match in Teams) with multipliers 1x, 3x, and 10x.

Ranked Match 1v1

Rewards per game:

  • 1x: $0.003
  • 3x: $0.009
  • 10x: $0.03

For 10 games:

  • 1x: 10×0.003=0.0310 
  • 3x: 10×0.009=0.0910 
  • 10x: 10×0.03=0.310 

Ranked Match in Teams

Rewards per game:

  • 1x: $0.002
  • 3x: $0.006
  • 10x: $0.02

For 10 games:

  • 1x: 10×0.002=0.0210 
  • 3x: 10×0.006=0.0610 
  • 10x: 10×0.02=0.210 

Quick Match 1v1

Rewards per game:

  • 1x: $0.00003
  • 3x: $0.00009
  • 10x: $0.0003

For 10 games:

  • 1x: 10×0.00003=0.000310 
  • 3x: 10×0.00009=0.000910 
  • 10x: 10×0.0003=0.00310 

Quick Match in Teams

Rewards per game:

  • 1x: $0.00002
  • 3x: $0.00006
  • 10x: $0.0002

For 10 games:

  • 1x: 10×0.00002=0.000210 
  • 3x: 10×0.00006=0.000610 
  • 10x: 10×0.0002=0.00210 
From these calculations, it can be observed that **Ranked Match 1v1** offers the highest reward at each multiplier level (1x, 3x, and 10x), followed by **Ranked Match in Teams**, then **Quick Match 1v1**, and lastly **Quick Match in Teams**. Therefore, if the goal is to maximize earnings, playing **Ranked Match 1v1** games would be the most lucrative option.

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