10 Easy Ways to Earn Money with Online Games


Online gaming has become a popular pastime for people of all ages. But did you know that you can also earn money while playing your favorite online games? Online Game Monetization opens up new revenue streams for all gamers alike.

If you're skilled at a particular game, you can offer coaching services to help other players improve their gameplay. Many gamers are willing to pay for personalized coaching sessions to level up their skills and reach their gaming goals. You can advertise your coaching services on social media, gaming forums, or even create a website to attract clients. Coaching can be a rewarding way to make money while sharing your expertise and passion for gaming with others.

In this article, we’ll explore 10 easy ways to make money with online games, from eSports betting to creating your own gaming content.

Play To Earn

The 'Play To Earn' model lets people earn rewards or money by playing games online. In the game, you can do tasks or challenges to get rewards.

Play To Earn has gained popularity with the rise of blockchain-based games and NFTs (non-fungible tokens), allowing players to truly own in-game assets and monetize their gaming skills.

GameBeef.com is a new platform where you can earn rewards by playing video games. You don't need to spend any money to join. They have a feature called Hardcore Mode which can increase your future earnings. You can also watch an ad to boost your earnings after playing a game.

To start earning rewards, just log in to GameBeef.com and connect a supported video game. Then play the game and go back to the website to claim your rewards.

How can I Earn Money Playing Video Games with No Investment?

Link your video game to your GameBeef account using your Gamertag and earn Money (SOL) according to how you perform in the game and your match ratings.

  • With every match you play in every game linked to your Gamertag, a certain quantity of Solana (SOL) will be credited to your GameBeef account based on your game performance.

  • The approach involves analyzing the match stats gathered from game servers. Post-match, this information is processed in our database.

  • Winning a match guarantees a fixed crypto reward. In case of defeat, however, the payout may be reduced or zero, depending on the game mode. GameBeef rewards users who do better than others.

Supported Games

The list of games currently supported includes Dota 2, PUBG, Chess.com, Age of Empires 2, Age of Empires 4, StarCraft II, and Team Fortress 2.

Matches in ranked play affect how much crypto you earn more than matches in non-ranked play.

eSports Betting

eSports betting is a rapidly growing industry, with millions of dollars being wagered on professional gaming tournaments every year. If you're knowledgeable about online games and like competing, you can bet on eSports matches to earn money.

There are many online platforms that offer eSports betting, such as Betway, Unikrn, and GG.BET. Just be sure to do your research and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Complete Challenges and Place Wagers against Yourself, Other Players and Streamers on GameBeef.com

By engaging in Challenges, you have the opportunity to earn extra money. The nature of these challenges differs from one game to another and also across different game modes.

The rules state that you may only take on one challenge per day.

After waiting for a specific amount of time, you can try the challenge again because it has been reset.

How much money you make from Challenges is based on if you finish them and only counts for winning in Dota 2 games. In PUBG, some Challenges require you to rank in the top positions in standard and ranked queues.

Our Betting System offers 3 distinct choices.

Bet Against Yourself While Playing Video Games: Ready to demonstrate that you're a real Gamer? Challenge yourself and take on our toughest Challenges!

Get Against Streamers: When you play video games, you can bet against another player. This makes the game more fun and exciting. Betting is a big part of competitive gaming.

Place a Bet on a Streamer while they're Playing Video Games: Bet on or against your preferred Streamers in real-time! This type of betting mirrors predictions, with the Prize Pot being divided equally among the winners.


On Twitch

Twitch is a popular streaming platform for gamers, with over 15 million daily active users. By streaming your gameplay on Twitch, you can earn money through subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

To start earning money on Twitch, you’ll need to become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner. This requires you to have a certain number of followers and stream for a certain number of hours per month. Once you meet the requirements, you can start earning money through Twitch’s monetization options.

On Trovo

Trovo is a popular streaming platform. GameBeef.com will soon be able to show their streams on Trovo and let users bet on streamers, which is the first time this has happened.

Creating YouTube Gaming Content

Similar to streaming on Twitch, you can also make money by creating gaming content on YouTube.

Create great videos of yourself playing games, giving tips, and reviewing new games. This will help you attract many viewers and earn money through advertisements, sponsors, and affiliate links.

Participating in Online Tournaments

Many online games, such as Fortnite and League of Legends, host regular tournaments with cash prizes for the winners. By honing your skills and participating in these tournaments, you can potentially earn a significant amount of money.

Keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments and make sure to practice and prepare beforehand to increase your chances of winning.

Selling In-Game Items

Some online games allow players to purchase in-game items, such as skins, weapons, or virtual currency. If you have a good eye for valuable items, you can buy and sell them for a profit.

You can also try your luck with loot boxes or crates, which offer a chance to obtain rare or valuable items. Just be careful not to spend too much money on these, as they can quickly add up.

Game Testing and Bug Reporting

Game developers are always looking for players to test their games and report any bugs or issues they encounter.

You can make money by giving feedback and helping to improve games. Just sign up for beta testing programs or join online communities for games.

Creating and Selling Game Mods

If you have coding or design skills, you can create and sell game mods for popular online games. Mods are changes to the game that add new features, characters, or gameplay elements. Many players are willing to pay for high-quality mods that enhance their gaming experience.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a common way to earn money on the internet. You can also do it in the gaming field.

You can make money by promoting video game products on your social media or website. If someone buys something through your special link, you will get a percentage of the sale.

Creating and Selling Game Guides

If you’re an expert at a particular game, you can create and sell game guides to help other players improve their skills. These guides can be in the form of written articles, videos, or even one-on-one coaching sessions. You can sell your guides through your own website or through online marketplaces such as Etsy or Fiverr.

Game Development

If you love making games, you can make a lot of money by selling your own games online. Small game developers can put their games on websites like Steam and Itch.io to reach more people and earn money from selling them. ​


As you can see, there are many ways to make money with online games.

If you love gaming, you can make money no matter what you do in the gaming world. Whether you're good at playing, creating content, or making games, there are ways to earn money doing what you love.

Just remember to always have fun and never spend more money than you can afford.

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