Sync & Verify Your PUBG Account


This tutorial will help you find your Gamertag or nickname for PUBG and verify it.


​Once you download and install the PUBG client, you will be asked to create your player nickname.

This is your GAMERTAG! You will need to search this nickname to sync your PUBG Gamertag with GameBeef.

Sync PUBG Account

Type your preferred nickname and click “Confirm” once you’re ready.

Sync PUBG Account

If you’ve already created your nickname before, you can visualize it on top of your character in the main menu, as shown below:

Sync PUBG Account

Lastly, you need to find your Gamertag through our search option, type in your PUBG nickname and click on the "Search" button.

Once found, confirm and click “Add New”.

Sync PUBG Account

This final step will sync your PUBG nickname with our platform, allowing us to fetch your match statistics.

Please note that the last synchronization step could take from seconds to minutes, depending on the server’s connection status.

Verify your PUBG Gamertag

Some games that we support currently do not offer oAuth to automatically verify you. What’s oAuth?

To withdraw your funds, join the Leaderboards or create Challenges in our Betting System, GameBeef needs to verify that you are the real owner.

In order to verify it’s really you, send a friend request in Steam to “GameBeef” or using friend code “1280626825”. After your request is accepted, you must start a chat in Steam and type your PUBG Nickname and the username or email that you used to register in GameBeef.

You will receive a confirmation message once your account is fully verified.

Search User

Thank you for being a part of our community!

The GameBeef Team.

Earn Cryptocurrency with Competitions and Betting!

This guide will show you how players can earn cryptocurrency playing PUBG and using our Play-to-Earn, competitions and betting system.

Sync PUBG Account


  1. ​Do not trust DMs from anyone offering to help/support you with your funds (Scammers)!
  2. Never give out your Seed Phrase and DO NOT ENTER it on ANY websites sent to you.
  3. Community Managers will NEVER DM you first regarding your funds/wallet.

Synchronize PUBG to your GameBeef account through your Nickname and Earn Cryptocurrency (SOL) based on your in-game performance and match scores.

  • Synchronize your Gamertag, also known as nickname in PUBG, with your GameBeef account in your Dashboard.
Sync PUBG Account
  • ​A fixed amount of Solana (SOL) will be deposited into your GameBeef account based on your performance in every match, for each game you assigned your Gamertag with.
  • This is done by analyzing the match statistics that we fetch from the game servers. Our system processes them in our database after each match is finished.
  • The victories will always be rewarded with a fixed amount of crypto. Defeats, however, will either yield a proportionally fewer amount or nothing at all depending on the game. Our system is meant to work this way in order to reward those players who performed better than their opponents.
Sync PUBG Account
  • ​Any match associated with competitive/ranked queues will have more impact on the amount of crypto received, rewarding more than casual/normal queues. Our system is meant to work this way to reward competitive players who try to climb the ladder and rank higher than others.
  • At the end of each match, you will be able to see your new balance at the top right corner. This change will be reflected in your account balance, at the top of your Dashboard.

Sign up and reach the Top Positions in the PUBG Leaderboards and win money from the Prize Pots.

  • Another way to obtain a steady amount of crypto over time is to secure yourself in one of the top positions of our Leaderboards, that are held every 2 weeks. Whoever earns the most points will climb up, this means that victories and a high amount of kills/assists in every match you play will help you reach the top positions.

  • Each game will have its own Leaderboard, entrance fees and prize pots. Positions will be measured by the number of SOL earned by playing any and all game modes, including both competitive/ranked and casual/normal maches for PUBG. Keep in mind that the Leaderboard scores DO NOT COUNT any activated Boosts, Bonuses and/or Hardcore Mode enhancements.

Sync PUBG Account

  • The Leaderboard are updated in real-time.

  • These positions are not permanent, meaning that any player who rises in the Leaderboard will have the chance to beat the rest of the players above him until he reaches the top. It’s the player’s sole responsibility to maintain his position, either by good performances in several matches or earning more crypto than the rest of the players participating.

Sync PUBG Account

Boosts and Hardcore Mode

Furthermore, activating boosts and/or hardcore mode before playing a match will let you get even more SOL than you normally do.

  • Boosts are temporary Crypto Bonuses. It’s a fixed value that will last an hour and they’re not restricted to one use. To activate them, you’ll have to watch a full advertising video.
  • Hardcore Mode: once activated, we will deduct a daily, fixed amount of Solana (SOL) from your in-game wallet and you will receive a bonus % of crypto after every match played.

Complete Challenges and Place Wagers

  • You will be able to earn additional money by completing Challenges. These challenges are unique and vary from game to game, and game modes too.

  • You can only accept one challenge at a time and once per day. After the cooldown time has passed, the challenge will be reset, and you can attempt to complete it again.

  • Challenges will let you earn an additional amount of cryptocurrency based on whether you accomplish them or not, applying only to victory scenarios and ranked games in the case of Dota 2. For PUBG, some challenges will consider being in the top # positions in both normal and ranked queues.

There will be 3 types of Challenges in our Betting System

  • Bet Against Yourself: Are you ready to prove us your a true Gamer? Put yourself to the test, try to beat our most difficult Challenges and get paid real money for that chicken dinner! 
  • Bet Against Another Player: PvP is a key aspect in the gaming competitions, call them out in Pochinki or any desired map and challenge your rivals by placing wagers on each other.
  • Streamer Bets: Bet on or against your favorite Streamers live! The Prize Pot will be shared proportionally amongst the winners.

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