How to Swap Crypto


This guide will help you use our swap function and trade SOL in the live market


  1. Swap SOL into USDT, USDC or any desired Cryptocurrency.
  2. Trade Cryptocurrencies with your preferred local currency through P2P markets.


  • You need a Phantom wallet and the extension installed in your browser or mobile phone.
  • You need cryptocurrency in your account balance.
  • You need 2FA enabled in your GameBeef account, in other words, a mobile phone number added in your Profile settings.

It's paramount that you're familiar with these concepts before reading:

  • Stablecoin
  • Deposit & Withdrawal operations on wallet addresses
  • P2P trading
  • Local currency exchange rates


  • Do not trust DMs from anyone offering to help/support you with your funds (Scammers)!
  • Never give out your Seed Phrase and DO NOT ENTER it on ANY websites sent to you.
  • Community Managers will NEVER DM you first regarding your funds/wallet.

This Binance guide will prove useful to beginners: Binance Beginner's Guide

1. In-game wallet forced swap

You can use our in-game wallet swap function in order to swap your crypto. Follow these steps:

- Login to your account

- Click on the Wallet icon and then click on "Connect Your Wallet"

- Connect your Phantom wallet with your in-game wallet

- In the browser's extension, you will be asked to access your wallet and accept our website's request to approve transactions. Click on "Connect" if you agree.

- Once connected, you should be able to see your Phantom wallet address in your in-game wallet (GameBeef account). By clicking on it, you will be able to use many options such as copying the address, changing the wallet or disconnecting it.

- To swap cryptocurrencies, click on "Swap" below. Here, you will be able to choose between swapping from SOL to USDT or USDC, depending on your available wallet funds.

- Type the desired amount you wish to swap in the "You Pay" field. Alternatively, you can click on "MAX GB" to introduce the maximum amount available in your in-game wallet. Click on "Continue" when you're ready.

Keep in mind that GameBeef will charge a fee everytime this operation is finished.

- The next window will let you review your order before confirmation. An estimated price will be displayed according to the current market rates. Check that your current balance can afford the swap fee and click "Continue" to confirm.

- You will have to wait a few minutes in order for the transaction process to be completed. Once finished, your in-game wallet will now have Solana (SOL) balance, you can also see the full transaction and the fee charges in your Transactions page as well.

> How to Withdraw SOL from your In-game wallet into your Phantom wallet

- From the steps mentioned above, you will now be able to transfer your funds from your In-game (GameBeef account) wallet into your Phantom wallet. In this case, we will use Solana (SOL).

- Select the "Transfer" tab in your Wallet window and then type the desired withdrawal amount. Click on "Continue" once you're ready.

- Click "Yes" if you're sure. You will need to type the 6-digit code sent to your mobile phone assigned with 2FA. Click "Withdraw" to finish this process.

- Once finished, you can check your Phantom wallet and your Transactions page.

- You can now use this SOL to pay for Phantom trade fees and/or comissions once you withdraw your GB into your Phantom wallet.

> How to Deposit and Swap SOL from your Phantom wallet into your In-game wallet

- You can deposit SOL from your Phantom wallet into your In-game wallet by selecting the "Transfer" tab, typing down the desired amount and then checking the amount of GB received from the SOL amount. Click "Continue" to confirm the swap.

- Approve the transaction from your Phantom browser extension.

- Wait a few minutes for the process to finish. Afterwards, you should have the amount of GB swapped in your in-game wallet

> Keep in mind that fees will be deducted upon confirming the transaction.

> How to Withdraw Crypto from your In-game wallet to your Phantom wallet

- Open the Wallet window and click on the "Transfer" tab, type your desired amount and then click on "Continue" to confirm.

- Click "Yes" if you're sure. You will need to type the 6-digit code sent to your mobile phone assigned with 2FA. Click "Withdraw" to finish this process.

- Once finished, you can check your Phantom wallet and your Transactions page.

2. Live market swap

You can sell your crypto using the Birdeye market functions.

- You can either swap immediately or place a sell offer in the market after accessing your wallet. Click on the "Swap" button once you're ready.

> Keep in mind that Sale offers can be placed at any time and will be completed once another user buys your selected amount.

- After swapping your crypto, you shall receive a validation message and the amount of Crypto you decided to swap for in your Phantom wallet.

Notes: it is recommended that you check for the Cryptocurrency's official address and source code before attempting any swaps in order to prevent any scam issues. You can do this on many sites such as CoinMarketCap: beginners: CoinMarketCap - Solana (SOL)

Similar to Birdeye, follow the steps mentioned above in order to complete the transaction.

3. P2P (Peer-to-peer) Transactions in Binance

- Login to your Binance account. Keep in mind that you will have to meet several KYC requirements in order to fully operate with Cryptocurrencies and P2P operations, as well as having the Crypto of your choosing in your Funding wallet. Binance has its own Tutorial videos for this.

- In the main menu, select "Buy Crypto" and then choose "P2P trading"

- On P2P, click on the "Sell" tab in order to visualize or place sell offers

- Choose the Cryptocurrency you wish to sell

- Select the Fiat currency you wish to receive, in this case we will use PEN (Sol Peruano)

- Once selected, you may now use several filters to easily pick your desired payment methods, such as desired amount, type of bank, region, amongst others.

- Click on the red button (Sell USDT in this case) to start an order and wait for the trader to contact you

- In this last step, you will be asked to introduce the desired amount you wish to sell and the payment method, agreed beforehand with the trader.

- As soon as both sides agree to the transaction, the buyer must place a deposit into the seller's preferred method first and only after will the seller proceed to release the financial assets.

Please note that it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to trade with trusted traders, meaning that you alone will have to check the trader's rating, number of completed transactions, time durations, etc. GameBeef will never be responsible for what you do with your own money, and we don't have any liability over any funds lost through this process.

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