How To Join Tournaments & Competitions


Step into the competitive world of GameBeef's Tournaments by simply clicking a button to join the action-packed gameplay.

While there is an entry fee on most, some are free to enter. In any case, players can utilize their previously earned rewards from the play-to-earn system to cover the fees. The earlier players join, the better, as they gain more days to showcase their gaming prowess.

To secure the coveted top position, participants must accumulate the best scores, earned through a meticulously designed formula that rewards victories, kills, assists or key objectives.

The rankings solely consider ranked matches in Dota 2 competitions and ranked or normal matches in PUBG competitions.

The top players will be rewarded automatically once the tournament ends. The prize amount corresponds to the player's achieved position, with the first-place winner claiming the most significant reward.

Compete, conquer, and triumph in the leaderboard battles on GameBeef!



  • Email and Gamertag must be verified.
  • Profile image must be updated.
  • You must have available funds in your GameBeef wallet to pay the entry fee.


  • No cancelation for registration.
  • No bots, scripts, exploits or bugs allowed.
  • No smurf accounts.
  • Only 1 account per player.
  • GameBeef reserves the right to admission regarding who participates in its Tournaments if they suspect cheating or abuse.


  • Keep in mind that the rewards differ for each game you have synchronized.
  • Only ranked matches will be allowed for Dota 2 competitions and ranked or normal matches in PUBG competitions.
  • You must wait for the match to end in the case of PUBG matches, as we can only fetch its data once it's finished.
  • Top players will share the Prize Pot, earnings are displayed in all Tournament pages for each game.
  • Account must be above minimum rank tier allowed per game. 
  • Unlimited positions, it's you against everybody else!

How to Join or Enter the Leaderboard Competition?

Each Competition has its own entry price, and some might even cost zero! In addition, the rewards for each tournament competition will vary. To join the tournaments, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Profile Image updated.
  • Gamertag must be synced and verified.
  • Account's email must be verified.
  • Sufficient funds in your in-game wallet to pay the entry fee.

In order to join the Competitions for any game, look for the "Tournaments" button located in the side navigation menu of your Dashboard.

Join Tournaments

Choose your favorite Tournament game modes and conditions, you can also use the filter to help you narrow down your preferences. Click on "Click to join" when you're ready.

Join Tournaments

In the Tournament page, click on the "Join This Tournament"  button located below the Prize Pot section. A popup will show up allowing you to pay the entry fee. If you have sufficient funds, you will be able to sign up if you pay the entry fee.

Join Tournaments

Please make sure you read the Rules before participating in the Tournaments, as there will be no refunds once it goes live.

Congratulations! You are now participating in the Leaderboards.

Live Competitions

Please view the list below to see the active Competitions:

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