Sync & Verify Your Dota 2 Account


This tutorial will help you find your Gamertag or Steam Friend ID for Dota 2 and verify it.


  1. ​You need to be registered in Steam and have the client installed.
  3. Dota 2 client installed.
  4. Dota 2 player match data is private by default. You’ll need to enable the “Expose Public Match Data” setting in-game in order for us to retrieve your statistics and reward you for your Wins, Kills and Assists!

The change mentioned above usually takes up to 48 hours to take effect. As it is an internal server process, we ask you to be patient and try again after a few hours of enabling that option.

Please note that any interruptions made by unselecting this option will result in missing match statistics, and bet disputes will not be solved if the user was responsible for this.

Sync GameBeef Games

To sync your Dota 2 account, click on the "Add game" button, type in your Steam ID or Friend ID (either 32/64 bits or custom URL), select the game and click on "Search".

Sync GameBeef Games

IMPORTANT: Your STEAM ID or Friend ID will be the one requested to search and sync your gamertag, and NOT the profile name. (generally changed by editing your profile).
Alternatively, you can use the “Connect with Steam” option to save a few extra steps.

Once found, confirm and click “Add New”.

Sync GameBeef Games

This final step will sync your Steam account with our platform, allowing us to fetch your match statistics.

Please note that the last synchronization step could take time, even days, depending on the server’s connection status.

If you don’t know how to find your Steam ID, you can help yourself with the following public pages: 

You will be able to find and sync your Steam ID in any of the ways mentioned below.
We will use as an example our own GameBeef account on Steam:

Sync GameBeef Games
  1. ​Steam ID - 32bit; in our example it is “1280626825” (without quotes)
  2. Steam ID - 64 bit; in our example it is “76561199240892553” (without quotes)
  3. Custom URL for Steam Profile; in our example “gamebeef” (without quotes)

​If the steps above didn’t work out for you, try this:

Alternatively, you can get your Steam ID from the Custom URL field, as this will also help finding your gamertag in our platform. Go to your Profile settings and click on “Edit Profile”, it should link you here -

Sign In

Sync GameBeef Games

If the Custom URL field is empty, you’ll be able to see your profile ID below it, which you can use to search your gamertag for any specific game.

Sync GameBeef Games

You can also change it to any name you want and use the updated ID in the link to search your gamertag.

Sync GameBeef Games

Earn Cryptocurrency with Competitions and Betting!

This section will show you how players can earn cryptocurrency using our play-to-earn system, leaderboards and bettings system.

Sync GameBeef Games


  1. ​Do not trust DMs from anyone offering to help/support you with your funds (Scammers)!
  2. Never give out your Seed Phrase and DO NOT ENTER it on ANY websites sent to you.

Community Managers will NEVER DM you first regarding your funds/wallet.

Synchronize Dota 2 to your GameBeef account through your Friend ID and Earn Cryptocurrency (SOL) based on your in-game performance and match scores.

  • ​Synchronize your Gamertag, also known as username in Chess, nickname in PUBG and/or Friend ID in Dota 2, with your GameBeef account from your dashboard.
Sync GameBeef Games
  • ​A fixed amount of Solana (SOL) will be deposited into your GameBeef account based on your performance in every match, for each game you assigned your Gamertag with.
  • This is done by analyzing the match statistics that we fetch from the game servers. Our system processes them in our database after each match is finished.
  • The victories will always be rewarded with a fixed amount of crypto. Defeats, however, will either yield a proportionally fewer amount or nothing at all depending on the game. Our system is meant to work this way in order to reward those players who performed better than their opponents.
Sync GameBeef Games
  • ​Any match associated with competitive/ranked queues will have more impact on the amount of crypto received, rewarding more than casual/normal queues. Our system is meant to work this way to reward competitive players who try to climb the ladder and rank higher than others.
  • At the end of each match, you will be able to see your new balance at the top right corner. This change will be reflected in your account balance, at the top of your Dashboard.
Sync GameBeef Games
  • ​Depending on the game servers, you will have to wait a few minutes to see these changes, but rest assured they will go through. If you feel impatient, you can click on the Refresh button to update your balance.

Sign up and reach the Top Positions in the bi-weekly Leaderboards and win additional money from the Prize Pots.

  • ​Another way to obtain a steady amount of crypto over time is to secure yourself in one of the top positions of our Leaderboards, that are held every 2 weeks. Whoever earns the most points will climb up, this means that victories and a high amount of kills/assists in every match you play will help you reach the top positions.
  • Each game will have its own Leaderboard, entrance fees and prize pots. Positions will be measured by the number of SOL earned by playing any and all game modes, including both competitive/ranked and casual/normal maches for PUBG; and only ranked matches for Dota 2. Keep in mind that the Leaderboard scores DO NOT COUNT any activated Boosts, Bonuses and/or Hardcore Mode enhancements.
Sync GameBeef Games
  • ​The Leaderboard are updated in real-time.
  • These positions are not permanent, meaning that any player who rises in the Leaderboard will have the chance to beat the rest of the players above him until he reaches the top. It’s the player’s sole responsibility to maintain his position, either by good performances in several matches or earning more crypto than the rest of the players participating.
Sync GameBeef Games

Boosts and Hardcore Mode

Furthermore, activating boosts and/or hardcore mode before playing a match will let you get even more SOL than you normally do.

  • Boosts are temporary crypto bonuses. It’s a fixed value that will last as long as you stay joined on our Discord server and they’re restricted to one account per player. To activate them, just click on the "Boost Earnings" button and follow the steps to join our Discord server.
Sync GameBeef Games
  • Hardcore Mode is a subscription service. Once activated, you will receive a 7x reward bonus in Play To Earn after every match you play!
Sync GameBeef Games

Earn More $$ Playing Dota 2

How can you earn more money playing Dota 2 with hardcore mode activated? Here's a comparison table where you can review your regular earnings vs. boosted earnings:

1X K/A
3X K/A
10X K/A
Ranked All Draft
Ranked Captain's Mode

* Keep in mind that these values are for players in top rank tiers, such as Divine and Immortal. For players in lower rank tiers, please check the Make Money with Dota 2 guide.

Using Hardcore Mode and Discord boost with a 10x boost while playing Dota 2 significantly increases your earnings compared to the regular 1x earnings.

This is ideal for dedicated players aiming to maximize their in-game rewards through intensified and competitive gameplay.

The 10x boost not only makes matches more thrilling but also offers a substantial increase in monetary rewards for every win and kill/assist (K/A).

Let's calculate the potential earnings from playing 7 matches a day with an average of 10 kills and 10 assists per match.

Ranked All Draft Mode

  • 10x WIN: $0.0075 per win
  • 10x K/A: $0.00375 per kill/assist

Total earnings per match:

  • Wins: $0.0075
  • Kills/Assists: 10 * $0.00375 = $0.0375

Total earnings for 7 matches:

  • Wins: 7 * $0.0075 = $0.0525
  • Kills/Assists: 7 * 10 * $0.00375 = $0.2625

Grand Total for 7 matches:

  • $0.0525 (wins) + $0.2625 (kills/assists) = $0.315

Ranked Captain's Mode

  • 10x WIN: $0.015 per win
  • 10x K/A: $0.0075 per kill/assist

Total earnings per match:

  • Wins: $0.015
  • Kills/Assists: 10 * $0.0075 = $0.075

Total earnings for 7 matches:

  • Wins: 7 * $0.015 = $0.105
  • Kills/Assists: 7 * 10 * $0.0075 = $0.525

Grand Total for 7 matches:

  • $0.105 (wins) + $0.525 (kills/assists) = $0.63


  • Ranked All Draft Mode:$0.315
  • Ranked Captain's Mode:$0.63

By playing 7 matches, winning all of them, and scoring an average of 10 kills/assists per match, you can earn $0.315 in Ranked All Draft mode and $0.63 in Ranked Captain's Mode with the 10x boost activated.

This demonstrates the significant increase in earnings when using the hardcore mode boost combined with Discord boost, making it highly beneficial for dedicated Dota 2 players.

Complete Challenges and Place Wagers

Sync GameBeef Games
  • ​You will be able to earn additional money by completing Challenges. These challenges are unique and vary from game to game, and game modes too.
  • You can only accept one challenge at a time and once per day. After the cooldown time has passed, the challenge will be reset, and you can attempt to complete it again.
  • Challenges will let you earn an additional amount of cryptocurrency based on whether you accomplish them or not, applying only to victory scenarios and ranked games in the case of Dota 2.
  • There will be 3 types of Challenges in our Betting System:
    – Bet Against Yourself: are you ready to prove us your a true Gamer who carries the game? Put yourself to the test and try to beat our most difficult Challenges!
    – Bet Against Another Player: PvP is a key aspect in the gaming competitions, and you can challenge your rivals by placing wagers on each other 1v1 or between parties.
    – Streamer Bets: Bet on or against your favorite Streamers live! The Prize Pot will be shared proportionally amongst the winners.

MOBA and Play-to-Earn

This section will cover all aspects on how the system rewards players after finishing a match in MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games.

MOBA games generally work with one main game mode where two teams must compete against each other on a predefined map until one team captures or eliminates the opposing side’s core structures.

We will focus on ranked matches only.

Sync GameBeef Games

In the system, “wins” will be ultimately established by whoever destroys their opponents’ main structure first, regardless of the players’ scores. If team A eliminates team B’s base first, then team A will be rewarded with a bounty reward for victorious scenarios. On the other hand, Team B will receive a significantly fewer amount of rewards due to their defeat.

Players’ scores, also known as KD or KDA ratios, will help players win additional rewards, although they will not be taken into consideration when a victory is achieved. This means that player can have a very low score but can still manage to win the match, thus earning the standard rewards for winners mentioned above. KDA ratios will positively affect players who managed to have an impeccable game, such as perfect KDAs, destroyed secondary power structures in the match, helped to complete side objectives, and many more. These will also appear in the form of challenges, where players will have the option to obtain more rewards by completing them.

We’ll use a ranked match in the Steam video game Dota 2 as an example:
-Players from both teams pick their heroes before entering the arena; this process can guarantee some favorable counter-picks against the opposing team, increasing the odds of winning.

-Dire team picks champions for a team based on securing objectives and turrets, while the Radiant team decides to go for a group based on skirmishes, 1v1 fights in the lane and overall team fights.

-As the game progresses, the Radiant team will most likely have a higher KDA score than the Dire team. However, the Dire team will likely have achieved most map objectives and made their way into the Radiant team’s base.

-Dire team ultimately destroys Radiant team’s Ancient (Throne, main structure), thus achieving victory. Therefore, the Dire team’s players will have the rewards for winners deposited into their accounts. In contrast, the Radiant team’s players will instead receive a smaller proportion of the bounty, predefined in the formulas.

However, victory is only declared when any team reaches the opponent’s main structure first, regardless of scores. Although the Radiant team’s players had better scores, they still lost, but they will still receive a fraction of tokens for their KDAs accordingly.

Sync GameBeef Games

Ranked/competitive queues will yield more rewards than regular/normal queues.

We wanted to guarantee that competitive players had the chance to earn more than casual players as competitive gameplay is a lot more demanding and focus-oriented than leisure gameplay.

As the crypto economy fluctuates, the number of SOL will vary depending on the live exchange value. Please note that Play-to-earn rewards will always have a fixed base price, but the number of crypto rewarded after each match will not be constant, they will change accordingly to match the original values with the current market values.

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